3rd Edition, released August 6 2013

     A normal day at work turns into a manís worst nightmare when the country is plunged into dark and dangerous times within a matter of minutes. He needs unconventional skills and resources to mount a daring and deceptive plan to retrieve his daughter who is away at college. Heís hundreds of miles away and it seems like thousands. Itís a trip he planned for, but a trip resulting in some unexpected and deadly events as chaos grips the country.

      Encountering friends and enemies along the way, the journey becomes a fight for their lives. With the help of both family and friends, they all hope to work their way towards a safe haven. A rogue militia group has a different idea in mind however. Teetering on the brink of a small civil war, drastic measures must be taken. Without technology, society begins to collapse. Without the basics to survive, people change. Without rule of law, itís every person for their self. They have Dark Days and Rough Roads ahead of them.

Dark Days Troubled Times

April 30th, 2014

The long awaited sequel to Dark Days Rough Roads is now here.

Months after an EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse, strikes the country, Roger Haliday continues to fight for survival along with his friends and family. With the rogue militia under control they now face new dangers. The people around them and throughout the country are dying of starvation and illness. They are taking desperate and deadly measures in order to survive. Gangs are terrorizing cities and suburbs as they move through them searching for food, water, and supplies. With the gangs committing atrocious crimes along the way, the now lawless society leaves regular citizens to fight for their lives.

Throughout the entire nation the government and military struggle to take control of the country. Word rapidly starts to spread that their agenda may not be as innocent as it appears. Rumors abound that they may have been responsible for the attack, and they are fighting amongst themselves. With cities burning, people dying, no law, no help, no future and no hope, the country is indeed experiencing troubled times.

This sequel brings you closer to the end. This book is not only loaded with action and adventure, but suspense and drama as well. If you're a prepper or survivalist you'll love the military style guerilla warfare, the tips, tricks and gadgets. If you're just an apocalypse reader, you'll love the insight into human behavior after the SHTF.

The third and final book in the series is currently being drafted.

Dark Days Dark Secrets Revealed

Coming late this Fall.

The third and final installment of the Dark Days Series reveals dark secrets. We find out exactly who launched the EMP strike and why. We find out what the governments agenda truly is, and who is trying to interfere. Who will succeed?

Roger and his group find themselves still embattled in a nation of death, destruction, and a fight for power. Keeping in tradition with the first two books, there are plenty of twists and turns, only this time we find out all of the answers. Is there an end, or is it the end?

From the military scenes down to the useful survival tips, Roger and his group continue their fight to survive. It's been months since the nation was plunged into darkness, and now we will see the light.

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