Chapter 1:
Haliday slowly lifted his head and saw a wall of flames and a pile of machinery. There would be nobody coming out of that wreckage alive. He grabbed the radio mic again and called for dispatch to call the fire department. Again there was no response, so he took it upon himself to use his cell phone. A quick push of the power button revealed there was nothing but a dark screen.

Chapter 4:
He hit them with the spotlight and quickly got out of the vehicle and as they approached he ordered them to stop. He wasnít taking any chances and had drawn the 40 and took a bead on the guy. He darted his eyes back and forth and swept the area for other movement. Why the hell didnít I wait until daylight, he thought to himself.

Chapter 8:
The realization their food was going to be running out would hit. This is when things would start to go Wild West as he used to say. Rule of law would become rule of gun. He wanted to be as close to home as he could at that point. He would prefer to be back in Michigan period.

Chapter 12:
Haliday told him, ďitís been three days. I havenít heard of any movement to help people at all. Ran into a small group of troops in Indiana that got orders the first day, but even they had been waiting and as far as I know they were still waiting now. I wouldnít count on much yet George, especially from the government. Hell, we donít even know what happened exactly.Ē

Chapter 21:
ďWhen I got there I saw a guy standing outside the door with a rifle dressed in camo. I asked him who he was and he told me he was militia. I asked him to move and he told me no. He told me the store was being re-appropriated by the Bad Axe Minute Men. I asked him to produce some legal documents and he told me to leave. I told him I would contact the police and he told me the sheriff was a minute man and had given his ok on everything.

Chapter 25:
Everything they would need was here. They would be able to farm the land, hunt if the game population wasnít decimated and not too far from the lakeís shores to put a small boat in and do some fishing. They had plenty of firewood stored already and access to as much as they needed. It had been a labor of love and now a labor of sustaining their lives.

Chapter 30:
The shots went back and forth between them and the militia, but there was no rush, no forward movement towards the Haliday house, just sustaining fire to keep everyone pinned down. The dirt and shrubs around them were torn to pieces now.

Chapter 33:
Everyone had gotten into position. The daytime assault was a big risk, but they took it because it would help level the field. No night vision goggles, no night vision scopes, plain sight, easy to discern friendly from foe and the daytime conditions would allow the hunters with their scoped rifles to maximize their ability.

Chapter 1:
They had endured their fair share of fighting the past several weeks and didnít care to endure any more. Winter was here and the next few months meant that a lot of people would be battling the cold weather in addition to battling the lack of food, water, and security of the lives they once had.

Chapter 4:
Steve walked outside of their modest home to grab some more wood for the fireplace. He was returning from the woodpile when he heard vehicles approaching the house. He set the wheelbarrow down and hurried toward the house. The vehicles were now stopped in front of it and he could hear shouts.

Chapter 8:
The pilot made a concerted effort to let them see the 20mm chain gun sweeping back and forth. The Huey moved in closer and set down at the intersection near Halidayís cabin. A couple of soldiers got out and approached.
Chapter 13:
He ducked down low as he heard the rounds. The M2 was firing toward his position. He backed away slowly. He could hear corn spilling from the silo. He made it to the back and climbed down quickly.

Chapter  17:
Eventually that luck would not hold. The home they invaded only had so many resources. The gang would eventually use them all. When that point in time came, they would want more. They would need more.

Chapter 20:
He said, ďThese people were knocking on deathís door. They were emaciated. Iíve never seen anything like it on our own soil. I still canít believe it. I canít even begin to imagine what they have been through.Ē

Chapter 23:
Just inside the border of Detroit, the troops ran across a makeshift roadblock. They stopped almost an eighth of a mile away from it. The troops took up positions to guard their flanks and rear. The convoy commander was watching the activity around the roadblock with binoculars. He estimated approximately 10 people at the roadblock itself. He counted four more, two on each bank of the freeway keeping guard as well.

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